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Welcome to the Automated Dicentric Chromosome Identifier and Radiation Dose Estimator (ADCI) software wiki. To return to this table of contents at any time, click the Cytognomix logo or the text “ADCI” at the top of any wiki page. Also note you can return to previous pages you have visited by clicking a link in the “trace” section above. While viewing offline in PDF format, the document contains bookmarks allowing navigation.

If this is your first time using the software, the dongle and splash screen pages will help get the software up and running. Next you may wish to consult the quick start guide for a basic overview of the software and an example if its basic usage. The main GUI page provides and overview of the graphical user interface and can help you to locate the tools necessary to use the software.

ADCI Online is a cloud-based implementation of ADCI. Briefly, metaphase cell images to be analyzed are uploaded to cloud storage, then ADCI is executed remotely using a web browser. ADCI Online extends the capacity of a physical workstation with ADCI installed, and can fulfill “burst” requirements for analysis of large numbers of samples using parallelized cloud-based instances. See the heading “ADCI Online” below for additional details. As of ADCI version 1.13, cloud storage can be accessed directly through ADCI Desktop.

Peer-reviewed publications

ADCI Online


Getting started


Estimate dose


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