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ADCI software requires the presence of a dongle to run. If the software expiry date present within the dongle is in the future, ADCI software will allow access to the program.

Using the dongle

To use the dongle, simply plug the dongle into a USB port on your computer. Please ensure the dongle is plugged in before loading the software. If the dongle is not present, an error message will be presented within the splash screen on load and the software must be reopened with the dongle plugged in to allow access. Note the dongle must remain plugged in while the software is executing. Certain operations within the software require the presence of the dongle. If it is not present during one of these checks, a dialog will appear reading “No dongle key is found on your computer” and the requested action will not execute.

Extending subscription expiry date

Extending an expired subscription can be accomplished by obtaining a new dongle or by inputting a license key (preferred method) within the splash screen on ADCI startup. To apply for a license key to extend an existing subscription or to obtain a new dongle please contact Cytognomix.

Security information

The dongle relies on the connected computer's system time to determine subscription status. Please do not manually modify the system time on your computer. The dongle has security methods in place to prevent this form of tampering and may cause the dongle to temporarily disallow access to ADCI software.

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