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ADCI Log Viewer

This supplemental log viewing software has been bundled with the main ADCI product. It is meant to simplify examination of log files and allows the user to:

  • View log files
  • Search all log files or a subset of log files
  • Perform an automated examination of log files to determine if an operation ended unexpectedly and locate samples which were not processed successfully due to the unsuccessful operation.

Launch ADCI Log viewer

There are two ways to launch this supplementary software:

  • Recommended method - Through the ADCI software, select “Help” in the upper menu bar and click “View Logs”.
  • Launch manually by opening the directory containing ADCI Log Viewer chosen during ADCI installation and double clicking on the ADCI_LogFileQueryAndView.bat file.


Three tabs are visible at the top of the window. viewer, search, and integrity tabs. A sidebar contains a list of log files generated by the main ADCI software.

  • Viewer
    Double click a log file in the sidebar to display its contents in the viewer tab.
  • Search
    Specify a series of search parameters to locate within log files in the search tab. All log files are searched by default, however a subset may be searched as well. Optionally, log files may be searched for integrity issues which will be displayed in the integrity tab.
  • Integrity
    Integrity issues identified when searching log files - see search tab page - will appear in the integrity tab.
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