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ADCI log file

Log files are automatically generated and contain operations executed by the ADCI software. Log files can be used to keep track of operations previously performed and to locate the point of failure if an unexpected shutdown of the software occurs.


There are five fields within log files. The “license” field is not visible in the ADCI log file viewer software as it does not generally provide useful information to the user.

Field 1: Date

Date and time the operation was written to the log file. This field is formatted: “D M d hh:mm:ss Y” where D is a three letter abbreviation of day (Mon-Sun), M is a three letter abbreviation of month (Jan-Dec), d is a 2 digit day of the month with a leading zero if necessary (01-31), hh:mm:ss are hours/months/seconds with leading zeroes if necessary on a 24 hour clock, and Y is a 4 digit year. An example Date is: Wed Dec 14 14:20:24 2016.

Field 2: User

Active user at the time the operation was written to the log file. Note that it is possible for the user to change within the same log file. This would happen if the active user was changed during execution.

Field 3: License

This field is not currently visible in the ADCI log file viewer software. It contains the serial number of the dongle present during the logged session.

Field 4: Operation

Operation performed. There are a finite number of possible operations and many operations will be repeated during a single execution of the ADCI software. Possible operations include:

  • Start ADCIDE
  • Open Sample
  • Remove Sample
  • Open Curve
  • Remove Curve
  • Estimate Doses
  • Accept Curve Calibration Wizard
  • Accept Dose Estimation Wizard
  • Add New Curve By Fitting
  • Discard Sample Result
  • Start Processing Dialog
  • Finish Processing Dialog
  • Start Processing Queue
  • Finish Processing Queue
  • Start Process Sample
  • Finish Process Sample
  • Enter Metaphase Viewer
  • Exit Metaphase Viewer
  • Save Curve
  • Save Sample
  • Exit ADCIDE

Field 5: Parameters

The Parameters field offers additional information related to the Operation performed. Contents may include the target data the operation was performed on, or input data required to perform the operation. For example, if a listed Operation is “Open Sample”, the Parameters field will indicate which sample was opened and the absolute path to the sample file in the file system.

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